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Anesthesiologist assistant jobs


Anesthesiologist Assistant's function as anesthetists who are integral members of a healthcare team led by qualified Anesthesiologists. The role of the Anesthesiologist Assistant is comparable to the CRNA. The CRNA is governed by the Nursing board and the Anesthesiologist Assistant is governed by the boards of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine.  Currently there are four educational programs which offer the Anesthesiologist Assistant masters degree program.  These Anesthesiologist Assistant educational programs below are:


Anesthesia Technician's provide support to anesthesiologists, anesthesiologist assistants and CRNA's. The anesthesia technician's role in the health care team is setting up, trouble shooting equipment, ensuring that equipment is cleaned, sterilized and operating well, and that all supplies and medicines are stocked and much more... For more on the Anesthesia Technician and Anesthesia Technologist profession visit:



Nova Southeastern University- in Fort-Lauderdale-Davie, Florida


Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is excited to announce the newest Anesthesiologist Assistant (AA) Program in the country, and the only one in Florida. The Anesthesiologist Assistants Program will be located in the pristine Health Professions Division facilities of NSU in suburban Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The innovative 27 month curriculum will focus on utilizing state-of-the-art instructional technologies and methods that will prepare the anesthesiologist assistants to be superior clinicians that will work within the anesthesia care team.

The Anesthesiologist Assistant Program is a professional graduate program in the Health Profession Division, under the auspices of the College of Osteopathic Medicine. Upon graduation, the student will be granted a Master of Health Science degree.

Nova Southeastern University is a dynamic independent institution dedicated to preparing students for lifelong learning and leadership roles in the health professions. The university fosters inquiry, research, and creative professional activity, by uniting faculty and students in acquiring and applying knowledge in clinical, community, and professional settings.

The Anesthesiologist Assistant Program at NSU will provide a unique educational experience for the AA student studying the specialty of anesthesia. The educational facilities and environment at Nova Southeastern University will nurture the anesthesiologist assistant into health care providers who are driven by compassion and guided by science, to provide the best and safest patient care.


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Emory University - in Atlanta,Georgia


The Master of Medical Science Program is a professional graduate program in the Department of Anesthesiology in the Emory University School of Medicine. The Program accepts qualified individuals who desire to undertake rigorous didactic and clinical education in order to become knowledgeable, skilled, safe, competent practitioners with sound clinical judgment.

Classroom and clinical education occur during 27 continuous months, beginning in June and culminating with graduation in August – seven semesters following matriculation. Individuals who successfully complete this program are awarded a Master of Medical Science degree by Emory University. Graduates of this program function as anesthetists who are integral members of the anesthesia care team lead by an anesthesiologist.


The Master of Medical Science Program is now offering an admissions track for certified primary care physician assistants who hold a masters degree and have completed course work and clinical work in addition to the basic baccalaureate prerequisites.


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Case Western Reserve University -in Cleveland,Ohio


The 24-month program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and is based on the Standards for Anesthesiologist Assistant Programs. Graduates must complete a curriculum which includes 63 credit hours (six semesters) of classroom and clinical instruction. The first three semesters integrate basic science and clinical instruction.

During the remaining 3 semesters, students complete month-long rotations in all subspecialties of anesthesiology: ambulatory surgery, burns and trauma, cardiothoracic surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, surgical intensive care unit. Clinical training focuses on all types of anesthesia including general, epidural, spinal and peripheral nerve blockade.

Instruction is also provided in advanced patient care monitoring techniques and pretesting, calibration and operation of anesthesia delivery systems and monitors. A highlight of this educational program is an optimal faculty-to-student ratio. Maintaining this ratio promotes individual interaction with faculty, instructors, residents and other students emphasizing strong guidance in a clinical learning environment.

At Case our personal approach and rigorous educational standards produce compassionate and highly skilled anesthesiologist assistants.


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South University -in Savannah, Georgia


A successful career as an anesthesiologist assistant demands a series of perfect balances. It requires consideration of the patient’s condition, as well as accommodation of the surgeon’s requirements. It also calls for a carefully measured combination of compassion, professional dedication, and commitment — all of which play key roles in positive surgical outcomes.

At the South University School of Health Professions, we recognize the impact this balance can have on the professional development of an anesthesiologist assistant. We also see the critical role each element plays in the delivery of pain management services, surgical success, and ultimately, the delivery of quality patient care. In the program, students learn the facets and acquire the skills to effectively deliver anesthesiology.

This program incorporates a mock operating room and an anesthesia laboratory into the coursework. And through wireless capability available in all classrooms, students have access to program-specific educational facilities and technologies.

The Anesthesiologist Assistant program is a professional graduate education in South University’s School of Health Professions. Individuals who successfully complete this program are awarded a Master of Medical Science degree by South University. Graduates of this program function as anesthetists who are integral members of a healthcare team led by a qualified anesthesiologist.

Classroom, laboratory, and clinical education occur during 28 continuous months, beginning in June and culminating with graduation in September (nine academic quarters following matriculation). All classroom, laboratory, and clinical requirements must be satisfied prior to graduation. Since the classroom, laboratory, and clinical activities run continuously for 28 months, the program does not follow the university’s typical undergraduate calendar for quarter start and end or for vacations and breaks.

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*Rapid growth of AA programs are expected over the next two years as legislation is being passed throughout the U.S.A.   As of now, there are 16 states which allow the practice of the Anesthesiologist Assistants. For more information on the Anesthesiologist Assistant profession log on to




For more information including new Anesthesiologist Assistant educational programs, Salary info, Legislation, Anesthesia Bookstore and more, log on to and for additional information visit and the American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants






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